Organic wines

The illustrations on the label are original works by Maria Battaglia

Our wines are produced with hand-picked grapes without the addition of fermenting yeasts. They are neither filtered nor clarified and the addition of sulphur is reduced to a bare minimum.

Cascina Corte produces: a Dogliani “San Luigi” from a selection of grapes from various dolcetto plots; “Dogliani Superiore Pirochetta Vecchie Vigne”, a finer Dolcetto with grapes from La Pirochetta; a Langhe Barbera, a Langhe Nebbiolo, a Langhe Freisa, a Langhe Pinot Nero, a Langhe Nascetta, a Langhe Riesling, “Vino Rosato Matilde”, and the original “Barnedol”.

Organic wine

Made from a selection of dolcetto grapes, a table wine with an immediate cherry fragrance. Not overly leisurely in the mouth.

Organic wine

Dogliani Superiore Pirochetta Vecchie Vigne

Pirochetta comes from a 60-year-old vineyard that has always yielded outstanding wines. A more complex Dolcetto whose aromas are slow to open in the glass and which lingers in the palate.

Organic wine

Langhe Barbera

An elegant, refined wine. In the mouth the acidity lingers throughout the tasting, bringing out rich matière and enhancing drinkability. A leisurely quaff.

Organic wine

Langhe Nebbiolo

An intense, composed bouquet with scents of strawberry, pomegranate, tea leaves, undergrowth and violets. Best drunk immediately, yet as ageworthy as they come.

Organic wine

Vino Rosato Matilde

Refreshing, balanced with good acidity, a hugely pleasurably wine whose bouquet is redolent of redcurrant, strawberry and cherry.

Organic wine

Vino Rosso Barnedòl

A table wine that is an impressively successful exercise in style. An original blend of three different grape varieties.

Organic wine

Langhe Riesling

White tending to straw yellow in colour. Fruity, citrusy aromas on the nose, super- fresh and vibrant on the palate. Plus, good acidity and bags of character.

Organic wine

Langhe Freisa

Langhe Freisa has an intense ruby ​​red color, with young violet reflections that suggest vitality.

Organic wine

Langhe Pinot Nero

The Langhe Pinot Nero has a transparent ruby ​​red color, with shades tending towards garnet on the edges.

Organic wine

Vino Bianco

Blush tending towards cerulean with antique rose highlights. A pleasing hint of vine peach blends with a sharp, pronounced aromatic profile, rounded off by a clean-tasting, faintly peppery heady note.


Wine in amphora

In 2015, for my sixtieth birthday, we treated ourselves to two Tuscan terra cotta amphorae and began experimenting with them.