Cascina Corte is a small winery that we, Amalia Battaglia and Sandro Barosi, have brought back to life with passion and enthusiasm.

We began dreaming about this lifestyle project of ours a few years ago. It involved restructuring an old farmhouse and launching our very own wine business. This is how we  ended up leaving life in the town and settling in this house in the country, where we now welcome friends and guests alike.

Cascina Corte produces organic wine.

Our winery, Cascina Corte, produces a Dogliani San Luigi, a Dolcetto, made with a selection of grape varieties, and a Dogliani Superiore, made with grapes from La Pirochetta, a vineyard planted in 1946 that has always yielded outstanding wines. We have also joined two plots of a hectare and a half each together to create a new vineyard, given over half to barbera and half to nebbiolo grapes. When we bought the property, we immediately decided to produce organic wine.

Organic wines

Our wines are produced with hand-picked grapes without the addition of fermenting yeasts. They are neither filtered nor clarified and the use of sulphur is reduced to a bare minimum.

Wine in amphora

In 2015, for my sixtieth birthday, we treated ourselves to two Tuscan terra cotta amphorae and began experimenting with them.


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